Who or who is actually a ”national traitor”? Those who designate others to be it, or those who work and participate in their country every day?

Those who, as well as the Norwegians, want to celebrate Sweden with joy and confidence in the future, rather than looking back at ”fornstora dar”, ”before”?

Already in the 1970s, news reports were sent from the Swedish countryside. Where it was not dominated by ”car caged youth”, with American flags, the youngsters stood at the sausage kiosk and complained that:

”- There’s nothing to do …”

In other places in the country Ingvar Kamprad was building up his, nowadays, multinational company IKEA.

He expected nothing from outside, but started a business as he wanted it.

He did not expect any contribution or anything but to stand for his own mistakes.

I have been to Falun, watched the Mine, ate Falukorven and saw an exhibition about the ”Dark Bugs”. I’ve seen the old Falun.

This year I would not want to go there.

I do not see any holiday pleasure in seeing short-cut men in uniforms parading across the streets. They look neither happy nor especially ”Swedish”. They expect the environment to be afraid, not to show consideration, joy and confidence in the future.

I call such young men, those in extremist movements across countries, from all extremist movements and networks: ”Neoluddistes”.

In what way do they help make the world a better place to live?

Their innermost feelings provide neither confidence nor positive belief.

Rather stand on the ”strong side” than dare to face the fate on one’s own.

Why is it stronger in flock, than as an individual?

Could it be, that it is through the ”flock”, ”loyalty” and all swearing, which feels meaningful, meaningful and, above all; brave?

What happens to the individual members, when, one day, the ”Movement” fails?

For many years afterwards, it was whispered among the Norwegians, after the German occupation, which Norwegians had been ”betrayers” and had reconciliation with the occupation power. The women were mocked and their heads limped, for everyone to know.

The men were pointed out and answered the lame:

”- What did I have for options?”

Others, who participated in the Norwegian resistance movement, had been murdered, robbed of their possessions, imprisoned, tortured or transported to concentration camps. They dared, in contrast, from the real ”betraiyers”, defend the country, stand for their opinions and take all the suffering and sorrow it brought to themselves, their relatives, friends and colleagues.

So who, in the tourist country of Sweden, wants to experience ”The Swedish Summer”, among men who only look boored, serious and spread fear and oppression?

Therefore, many tourists, Swedes and from other countries in the world are likely to take a detour around Falun. It may even be dangerous!